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Christopher Allen.Christopher Allen -- Christopher Allen has been writing about comics for six years, and has been writing bios about himself nearly as long. He got his start at Comic Book Galaxy when a wise-beyond-his-years Alan David Doane took a chance on a scrappy, wet-behind-the-ears kid, and that kid screwed up immediately, leaving a spot open for Chris to weasel into. He’s 35 years old, lives in San Diego, CA, and has amazing DNA, which he has used to co-create two amazing children, as well as a lot of messes. He has been writing about comics for six years, and in all that time, he’s never abused the mighty power he has. Well, almost never, but that guy was really asking for it. Favorite Authors: Jim Thompson, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Favorite Musicians: Too numerous, but start with The Beatles and work down. Comics Creators Whose Work He’s Most Excited About Lately: Darwyn Cooke, Seth, Chris Ware, Bryan Lee O’Malley; Ed Brubaker. Turn-Offs: Women Who Wear Cowboy Hats; More Than Three Tattoos. Nice Thing I Do That Will Nonetheless Fail To Save My Soul: Give Blood. Favorite Movies: Raging Bull; Night of the Hunter; Caddyshack.

In addition to Comic Book Galaxy, Chris has written for The Comics Journal, Kevin Smith's Movie Poop Shoot, Ninth Art and Pop Image. Chris serves as a writer and contributing editor for THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY, and also regularly blogs at Chris Allen Online. He is currently working on Superunknown and Irregular Joe for Speakeasy Comics, coming next year. Prospective artists are welcome to get in touch.

Bacardi. Johnny Bacardi.Johnny Bacardi -- The mysterious, august and enigmatic personage known as Johnny Bacardi, Master of Men, prefers to spend all his non-blogging time smoking opium with his multinational stable of concubines, rutting like a stag, reading comics naked, and drinking rum -- straight out of the bottle! Yes! -- when he's not listening to Yma Sumac CDs and weeping like a little girl.

However, when it is incumbent upon him to venture forth into the waking world of Man, he has assumed the alter ego of David A (the A stands for Allen, you know) Jones, mild-mannered prepress graphics professional, part-time "on-air AM radio personality" and freelance graphic designer/illustrator (when he can wake his drunken crack whore muse out of her perpetual stupor). Living among mere mortals in the quaint little backwoods hamlet of Horse Cave, Kentucky, United States of Amurrica, he has been reading and loving comics, music, movies, the occasional TV show, and other junk culture detritus for longer than many of you have been alive on this godforsaken planet...and as Jonathan Agamemnon Bacardi, Blogger Extraordiaire and Latin Hedonist, he inflicts his opinions and observations upon the ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB, no more no less, from his little bully pulpit which he whimsically refers to as The Johnny Bacardi Show, and now, let huzzahs fill the air, Comic Book Galaxy!

Ian Brill?!?Ian Brill -- Ian was born 69 years after the day Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed, setting off a chain events that led to World War I, World War II and the film Chairman of the Board starring Nobel Prize winner Carrot Top. He began reading comics while going to a Catholic elementary school. All the other boys in school were doing it, probably because they figured even such concepts as "Cosmic Spider-Man" were not as stupid as the stuff the nuns were trying to teach them. His comic book reading career began in the early 1990s, still regarded as the height of comic bookery.

He decided to become a writer because it was always his dream to be poor and frustrated. He has had every job a person could have at a college newspaper mainly for the reason he was one of the few people at a Southern California community college that actually can string together a sentence. He won Honorable Mention for Editorial Cartooning by the Journalism Association of Community College, the highest award a cartoonist can hope to achieve. He is transferring to San Francisco State University, something he decided on doing after realizing that the place he currently lives in didn't have enough cheap and ignorant "gay" jokes made about it. This further proves that Ian can recognize severe social problems with an accurate eye and remedy them with a mixture of gumption and low self-esteem.

In his free time Ian drinks because he thinks too much and thinks too much because of his drinking.

Ed Cunard.Ed Cunard -- Ed Cunard started writing about comics in 2001 at Comic World News as a reviewer. From there, he branched out to doing columns and interviews for the same website before starting The Low Road, a blog about what happens when you mix pop-culture, work and dogs.

Ed's taste in comics ranges from books published by Fantagraphics, Top Shelf and Alternative through the "new mainstream" all the way to some superhero books. Aside from comics, Ed loves Casablanca, Guys and Dolls and the films of Whit Stillman. In terms of music, Ed is a devotee of hip hop and jazz. While naming three books he would call his favorites is an impossibly difficult task, Ed finds himself re-reading Thom Jones's The Pugilist At Rest, F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Nelson George's Hip Hop America fairly often. His all time favorite television show is Ally McBeal, and he's currently enjoying House. Ed lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife and three dogs, and handles programming for two television affiliates when not writing about comics on the internet.

Alan David Doane.Alan David Doane -- ADD is the editor-in-chief of THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY, a website he originally created with some friends in the late summer of the year 2000. ADD has written about comics online since the mid-1990s at websites such as Silver Bullet Comic Books, The Great Curve and Newsarama, and even briefly at the standalone ADD BLOG, which is now here at Comic Book Galaxy, where it always should have been to begin with. In print, ADD is a contributor to The Comics Journal, Stalagmite Magazine, the forthcoming Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures collection and other publications.

ADD lives in Upstate New York with his wife and their two children, and has been in radio broadcasting since 1985. His favourite books include The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler, The Great Movies by Roger Ebert and For Keeps: 30 Years at the Movies by Pauline Kael. His favourite movies include Ghost World, Crumb, Battle Royale, F for Fake, Citizen Kane, and Donnie Darko. On TV, Mr. Doane prefers The Shield, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm and 24, and when pressed to name his all-time faves, cites Twin Peaks, The Prisoner, Fawlty Towers and the original, British version of The Office (although he mostly liked the U.S. version, too). ADD enjoys the music of Moby, Green Day and James Kochalka Superstar, and admits that despite his initial reticence, he actually likes the hamster his wife and children talked him into letting them have some months ago.

d. emerson eddy.d. emerson eddy -- d. emerson eddy may or may not exist, we're not entirely sure. If he did, he might live on the west coast of Canada, but then again, he might not. If you're looking for any sort of regularity -- in terms of output, sanity, or even anything consistently about comics -- he's not your man, you're better off with fibre.

Oh, and he likes cats, although he tells us that that doesn't necessarily mean that he's not evil. ...or he would if he happened to exist.

Brian Florence.Brian Florence -- Brian is The Galaxy's primary technical advisor and web guru, and the only guy associated with the site who really understands crucial web matters like DNS, FTP, HTML, and most importantly, PDQ.

He has been friends with Galaxy editor Alan David Doane since the early days of the first Clinton administration, when Alan was an overnight disk jockey and Brian was calling up to make requests so he could tape them off the radio and play them back over his (pirate!) radio station. In addition to his contributions to COMIC BOOK GALAXY over the entirety of its existence, Brian created and maintains a number of other sites, perhaps most notably Sodafinder and Deadmalls.

JC Glindmyer and friend.JC Glindmyer -- JC Glindmyer is the owner of Earthworld Comics in Albany, New York -- which has been rotting minds and seducing the innocent since 1983. He is a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide as well as the trade magazine Comics & Games Retailer, and will provide monthly commentary on comics retailing for THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY.

Tired of selling illegal phone cards and fixing cockfights, JC looked for a more legitimate business. When he couldn’t find one, he settled for running a comic store. One evening while sitting in his den, drinking Patrón straight from the bottle, a copy of Giant Size Man-Thing came crashing through the window. “It’s an omen,” he said. “I shall become a comic retailer.” He immediately caught the person who broke his window and then proceeded to beat him within an inch of his life. While plying women with high-grade alcohol, he often deludes them into dressing up as super-heroines by telling them he’s Kevin Smith and he’s doing “screen tests” for his “new movie.” There are times when he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and surprisingly, THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY will be encouraging this behavior.

Despite all of that, Earthworld has been named THE BEST COMIC STORE in the pages of both METROLAND, Albany's outstanding alternative newsweekly, and the daily ALBANY TIMES UNION. In addition, Galaxy editor Alan David Doane says "Earthworld is upstate New York's best comics shop," and you better believe it -- he's looked everywhere.

Jef Harmatz.Jef Harmatz -- Jef Harmatz is a young adult dividing his time between college in Claremont, CA and working in Long Beach, CA. He uses his swollen, throbbing brain to major in English and World Literature and minor Art. He hates children and puppies, because he is a jaundiced crank and sourpuss extraordinaire. There is video evidence of him passionately berating and belittling a girl who was sweet enough to clean his filth-ravaged freshmen dorm.

He is an unnacomplished stand-up comic, who has performed his tasteless routine most sacreligously on Christian television. (Sample Joke: "Modern science sure is something. I moved all my dead fetuses out of my garage and put them in cold storage, in case they ever find a cure for abortion.") He is a writer of things, a reader of better things, and an adequate cartoonist. When he grows up, Jef would like to be either an astronaut or a monk, but they're really the same thing, aren't they?

Shawn Hoke.Shawn Hoke -- Shawn Hoke has been writing a weekly column dedicated to independent and small press comics for two years. In addition to Size Matters, he is the columns editor at Comic World News, where he also writes a weekly column called Past the Front Racks. Shawn is married and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his beautiful wife and their four cats. When he's not scoping litter boxes or cleaning up cat puke, Shawn enjoys reading a good book or listening to music. He's particularly fond of the work of classic Russian novelists and has a weakness for jazz, punk and old country gold hits. To this day George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today" makes him all weepy. Shawn has very little interest in movies or television and prides himself on never having seen Titanic, Signs, Gladiator, Independence Day or the last two Star Wars movies.

Monday through Friday, Shawn works at a non-profit as a project manager, but he has held more jobs than he can count or remember during his travels around the United States. He was the creator of the popular dessert known as Dairy Queen's Blizzard, but has never received a dime from his innovative frosty treat nor pursued formal litigation to this point. Shawn was also a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy for five years. There he learned that it is possible to condition yourself to drink as much as the marines do and still run five miles at five the next morning. He also learned that scrapping with a group of Southern law officers could result in waking up the next morning in jail with several stitches in your chin. Since learning these things, he has chosen a more contemplative and trouble free life.

Chris Hunter.Chris Hunter -- Chris Hunter began his career as a comics journalist at Broken Frontier before coming to COMIC BOOK GALAXY. Chris is also contributing editor and webmaster for The Great Curve and even occasionally contributes to his own blog, Panoramically Challenged.

Chris enjoys many things in life, primarily his wife and two daughters, comics, music, movies, and TV. His favorite TV shows are Scrubs, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Family Guy, Boston Legal, The X-Files, Stargate SG:1, Stargate: Atlantis and Alias. His favorite movies include The Matrix Trilogy, Equilibrium, Signs, Unbreakable, Spartan, Heist, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and The Incredibles. His favorite comics include We3, Sleeper, The Ultimates, JLA: The Nail, and Wildcats V3.0. Chris is currently enrolled in college pursuing his nursing degree. As if he wasn't dangerous enough without medical training...

Jog. It's good for your health.Jog -- Feared and respected by puppies of every breed and disposition, Jog is the swaggering Internet titan who runs the beatific Jog - The Blog, updated every soaking day of the bleeding week with occasionally enlightening review and comment, all served up to make you smile and whistle. He also writes a weekly column at Komikwerks.com, examining all of the latest industry happenings (or, failing that, writing about robots and bears and stuff). He's 23 years old, and lives in the Eastern US, where you don't have to drive too far to talk up a horse.

Jog's favourite comics include Krazy Kat, Quimby the Mouse, Pictures That Tick by Dave McKean and Frank by Jim Woodring. On TV Jog likes Turner Classic Movies, Dragnet, the earliest Spumco episodes of Ren and Stimpy, and Sealab 2021, although he is not sure if it still on. "I don't watch a lot of tv," he claims.

Jason Marcy.Jason Marcy -- Jason Marcy is a cartoonist/blogger/comics reviewer. His acclaimed autobio series Jay's Days has been published in trade paperback format by Landwaster Books. Some of his forthcoming projects include Jay's Big Book of Hate and My Day in the Life of Jay, which will include a story written by COMIC BOOK GALAXY'S Alan David Doane and drawn by Jay.

Jay posts his daily comic on his Live Journal as well as various rantings comic and non-comic related. He lives in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada with his wife and son.

Mick Martin.Mick Martin -- Mick Martin is an undergraduate student at the University of Albany working towards his much delayed Bachelor’s degree in English. Afterwards, he hopes to con a few people here and there into paying him for this whole writing thing.

Mick’s love affair with comics began when he spotted the cover of The Incredible Hulk #278 on the spinner in Arthur’s Pipe & Gift Shop on New Scotland Ave. in Albany (right across the street from St. Peter’s Hospital - the shop has been long since abandoned in favor of a sports bar) and the depiction of the green goliath defiantly facing the other heroes of the Marvel Universe reminded him of how he usually found himself in the playground of PS 19. Mick continued to read and collect comics until the end of high school when girls, college, and various legal and illegal substances took up most of his time. He returned to comicdom one drunken night while crashing at a buddy’s apartment, when he found a copy of Astro City: Confession and was fascinated by the idea of superheroes being treated as objects of depth, wonder, and beauty, rather than simply opposing forces in the endless debates of who could beat up who.

Mick’s renewed acquaintance with comics has not only enriched his life but aided his performance during his return to college. His first semester, he wrote a paper for a Cultural Studies course looking at Batman through the lens of Marxist Literary Theory and examined the portrayals of black male superheroes for a Sociology course the following semester. He feels a little guilty about using his juvenile obsessions to get high grades, but enjoys the justification to include neat-o pictures in his academic papers.

Mick wrote for the original incarnation of Comic Book Galaxy at the invitation of an old college buddy, and was delighted when he found out the site was returning. He hopes to contribute to CBG for a long time to come.

Derek Martinez.Derek Martinez -- Derek Martinez nurses a love/hate relationship with comic books. He loves good comics and hates bad comics. However, he does love writing snark directed at bad comics. His wife is happy that he has an outlet for his sarcasm as long as it isn't directed at her.

Derek lives in Stockton, CA and is an IT Consultant Supervisor.

Bryan Miller.Bryan Miller -- Bryan Miller is a freelance writer from Southern Illinois. He began writing about comics with Savant and later wrote a weekly column for SeqArt.com. He regularly contributes to The Comics Journal as well as the literary e-zine Bookslut. He writes a weekly film column for Nightlife and is the former editor of The Carbondale Times. He publishes articles and fiction in newspapers and magazines across the country. He is a graduate of DePaul University and now lives in Carbondale with his girlfriend and two cats.

When he’s not working, he is probably listening to Bill Hicks, watching Homicide: Life on the Street, Mr. Show with Bob and David or Gilmore Girls (shut up, it’s a good show), or reading books with pictures (Preacher, Peepshow and anything Adrian Tomine or Derf do) and without them (most anything by David Foster Wallace, Richard Russo, Jim Thompson and Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Marshall O'Keeffe.Marshall O'Keeffe -- Marshall is the Impressario Emeritus of THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY, and occasionally contributes essays and reviews. He was also the first person Alan David Doane told about Comic Book Galaxy back in the summer of 2000. Marshall strongly lobbied for the nascent site to be called "Galaxy O' Comics." Over pizza in Burlington, James Kochalka took Marshall's side in the debate. Doane refused to accede to the wishes of his lifelong friend and one of his favourite cartoonists, but, we digress. Marshall does that a lot, too, so, it's okay.

When he's not writing about comics, Marshall is reading and writing about other subjects from history to cosmology. He is also the hereditary monarch-in-exile of the island nation of Yap.

Logan Polk. No, wait, it's NOT, is it?Logan Polk -- Logan Polk began writing for Comic Book Galaxy in September of 2004, which marks the beginning of his career in comics journalism. Along with his duties as a reviewer, his new column Loose Staples appears bi-weekly on Wednesdays here at THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY.

Logan's favourite moves include The Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, Rio Bravo and St. Elmo's Fire. His favourite comics and graphic novels include Blankets, The Castaways, The Maxx, and Preacher. On TV Logan likes Arrested Development, Scrubs, Seinfeld and Futurama. His favourite books include Roger Ebert's The Great Movies, Stephen King's Different Seasons and Jon Stewart and the Daily Show gang's America: The Book.

Logan lives somewhere around the second or third notch of the Bible Belt, better known as Columbus, Georgia. In the summertime he can be heard repeatedly mumbling "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." Some say it might be both.

Joe Rice.Joe Rice -- Joe Rice was raised in Eastern Kentucky but moved to New York City as soon as he graduated high school. He got a useless BFA in film and writing and spent a few years hating life and loving bourbon. He then got a somewhat less useless MS in teaching and started teaching in New York City public schools.

He's been writing about comics online for almost a decade and still thinks people are oversensitive. He's much more charming in person. Joe's favourite movies include The Thin Red Line, Fallen Angels and Amelie. Among his favourite comix are titles like Flex Mentallo, New Frontier and Ice Haven. On TV, Joe enjoys The Andy Griffith Show, Arrested Development, and Freaks and Geeks. You can read more of Joe's writing at Listen to Us, We're Right and his personal blog.

Joe Rybandt.Joe Rybandt -- Joseph Rybandt has been working professionally in the comics business for over 15 years. He lives in the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife Kristen, daughter Vanessa and cat Cosmo.

In addition to serving as a consultant to THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY, he's currently trying to do something with his life that doesn't involve comics: www.votejoe05.com.

Bill Sherman.Bill Sherman -- Bill Sherman is a fiftyish married geezer who has been on the fringes of comics fandom longer than he cares to acknowledge. He was The Comics Journal’s first comix critic and also has his name attached to a chapter discussing undergrounds in a Spanish comics encyclopedia –- which he’s unable to read since he lost the English translation years ago.

By day, Bill works in the field of child welfare and has enhanced his meager social services income over the years through freelance writing (some of it quite dubious). In addition to THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY, Bill currently can be found at his blog, Pop Culture Gadabout.

Marc Sobel.Marc Sobel -- Marc was born a Capricorn, under a moonlit sky, in a cornfield in rural Missouri. By his fifth birthday, he was already an overly sensitive, maladjusted comic book addict. Now as an adult, Marc has fully embraced his inner geek by focusing on independent comics and writing about them as if scholarly attention could somehow raise them from childish escapism to respected artform simply on account of his efforts. Somehow he mouseclicked his way into a diaspora of other comics faithful, who believed themselves capable of creating an entire Galaxy where only comic books existed and everyone who entered read them and loved them.

Marc believes in the power of independent thought. He wishes others shared this belief, but then wonders if that would defeat the purpose. Of all the things Marc has done in his brief 32 years, none compares in sheer stupidity to the time he hurled a small boulder through the windshield of a pickup truck driving down the highway. Perhaps, if the publishing winds blow his way, he will expand upon this misadventure. Though Marc has never travelled to the moon, witnessed a murder, nor slept with any of the Facts of Life girls, he has made out with a girl inside the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. His favourite movie is The Big Lebowski, favourite musicians are Johnny Cash, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits and Eric Bibb. Marc's favourite TV series are Twin Peaks, Reno 911 and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Jason St. Claire.Jason St. Claire -- Jason St. Claire is a multi-faceted, international man of mystery. His insightful and informative essay about online comics piracy is his most noted piece for Comic Book Galaxy to date.

Jason lives in Coventry, Ontario where he is the editor of an alternative newsweekly, Inside Coventry, and was the writer/artist of the adult mini-comic Fucklesuckle Funnies.

Mike Sterling.Mike Sterling -- Mike Sterling was born in Oxnard, CA nearly four decades ago, moved away and back again about three decades ago, and now lives in a large house filled to the brim with books and comics. He manages a comic book store (Ralph's Comic Corner) in Ventura, CA, produces a silly comic book weblog (Progressive Ruin), and occasionally does the rare thing that is non-comic related. He loves animals, really strange music, really bad movies, and, most of all, his remarkably patient and understanding girlfriend.

Mike's favourite books include Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson and darn near anything by Isaac Asimov or Spider Robinson. Among his favourite comics are Love & Rockets, Swamp Thing, Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge and darn near anything by Sheldon Mayer.

Rob Vollmar.Rob Vollmar -- Rob is a longtime comics critic (for such websites as Silver Bullet Comic Books, Comic Book Galaxy and Ninth Art, and for The Comics Journal, the magazine of record for the comics industry) and manager of ATOMIK POP!, a pop culture store that specializes in comics, manga, anime, and Hello Kitty merchandise in Norman, Oklahoma. He has also worked as a professional musician and still plays shows with two groups, one backing-up singer Shelly Phelps, and the other a reunited effort with his band from high school, Brother Tentacle.

Both of Rob's published graphic novels have been with the same artist, Pablo G. Callejo. Their first book, THE CASTAWAYS, was released in English by Absence of Ink in 2002 and in Spanish by Dude Comix in 2003, just after it was nominated for an Eisner in the Best Single-Issue/One-Shot category. Their latest effort, BLUESMAN was serialized beginning in 2004 in French by Akileos Comics, in February 2005 by Absence of Ink, and, most recently, in Spanish by the esteemed De Ponent in Spain.

Rob also lectures on comics and manga and assists librarians curious about the potential for comics to reach out to the teen audience. In 2003, he did a series of for Young Adult readers in the OKC metro library system and in 2004, he did the same for the Pioneer Library System that services Norman and outlying towns. He recently was invited to deliver a speech to the Oklahoma Librarians Association at their State Convention on the history of comics and censorship.

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